Institutional Investor - In Brief

Our investment philosophy and process

  • We are prudent: We construct our portfolios on a risk-conscious basis.
  • We use a strict valuation-based process: We buy when an asset’s valuation is below its long-term fair value, and sell once it reaches fair value again.
  • We make decisions based on known facts, and we don’t try to forecast the future.
  • We focus on the long term and try to ignore short-term “noise”.
  • We have used the same rigorous, consistent process successfully since we started over 25 years ago.
  • We have a team-based approach: Our highly experienced and qualified team have been working together for many years. All our buy and sell decisions are taken collectively.
  • We believe that the consistent application of our philosophy and process will lead to sustainable investment performance for our clients over time.


R230 Billion


R57 Billion


R173 Billion

AUM Reflected as at 30 September 2020


Cape Town, 1994


Cape Town (Head Office), Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth & Windhoek, Namibia




Level 2


M&G plc: 49.99% Staff Investment Company: 28.01%; Thesele Group: 22%


Licensed financial services provider (FSP45199) under the FAIS Act

We’re in it for the long term

We’re serious about the responsible stewardship of our clients’ assets and excellent client service. Because we take a long-term view in all we do, we won’t pursue short-term gain at the expense of long-term value.

Our focus on acting responsibly and with integrity isn’t new – it’s a philosophy that’s been at the heart of our business throughout our history. We believe responsible corporate behaviour is essential in maintaining successful relationships with our clients, our staff and our communities. Understanding our stakeholders' needs today can also help us innovate in ways that create both commercial and social value in the future.


Our interests are aligned with our clients'

Every Prudential employee is a shareholder in our business and each one invests their retirement savings alongside our clients, in the same Prudential unit trust funds. On top of this, a large part of our investment professionals’ remuneration depends directly on investment performance.

Our vision

Our vision is to help our clients achieve their financial goals by successfully managing their investments using our long-established prudent valuation-based approach. We strive to outperform our clients’ investment objectives steadily over time, because consistency is the key to successful investing.

We know that our delivery on this commitment will lead to long-term success for our clients, our staff, our shareholders and our communities.


Black economic empowerment and transformation

We're committed to transformation in our business, recognising the imperative of achieving greater socio-economic equality in all aspects of our society. We're proud to have achieved a certified Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) rating of Level 2.

However, we know that there is still much to be done - transformation remains one of our highest business priorities over the near term.

Our staff indirectly own 28.01% of our business via the Prudential Staff Investment Company, and the Thesele Group, our BEE partners, have a 22% stake. The remaining 49.99% stake is held by M&G plc group.