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Invest with Us

As a client of Prudential, how do we help you achieve your fund objectives? We consistently apply our prudent valuation-based investment approach. We buy assets that we think are undervalued by the market, and sell them once they have risen to reach their fair value to produce market-beating returns. We believe that consistency is key to successful investing.

Our business principles

We are an investment-led business

We place clients’ investment outcomes at the heart of what we do and we don’t over-complicate the business side of things

We treat clients fairly and with respect

We have a responsible distribution strategy

We only sell products in which we would invest ourselves and we prevent product proliferation

We have an alignment of interests of clients and staff

Through ownership mentality and co-investment with clients

Our Investment Edge


  • To have some holy grail from superior insights
  • To be able to forecast the future better than others
  • To employ a "smarter" team than others
  • To perform better company analysis


  • To take active advantage of price movements and value opportunities
  • To have a stable and proven investment philosophy and team
  • To invest for the long term
  • To be trustworthy and honest in all our dealings

We stick to our prudent valuation-based investment philosophy

Since our founding in 1994, we've consistently used our rigorous prudent valuation-based approach in managing all our funds. We focus on company valuations (“bottom-up”) instead of broad investment themes (“top down”). We only buy an asset if its price is substantially below its long-term fair value. We are very risk-conscious, aiming to both protect and grow our clients’ savings.

In equities, we also have a bias towards investing in quality companies that are value creators - those that regularly deliver above-average growth in future profits and dividends over time.

We believe that our consistent philosophy and unemotional application of our process will lead to consistent investment performance over time. Consistency is key to successful investing - this is our investment edge.


You can benefit from a successful and experienced investment team

With over 400 years' collective experience, our investment team is dedicated to actively managing our clients’ funds using the same prudent valuation-based investment philosophy they’ve applied successfully for the past two decades. In the rapidly changing financial markets, our team has been remarkably stable. The result: investment success for our clients and ourselves.


We are experts in Tactical Asset Allocation

We operate several TAA ‘overlay’ mandates where we aim to add value at total Fund level by exploiting asset class mispricing through the use of futures instruments to buy or sell asset-class indices. We implement overweight positions in cheap asset classes and underweight positions in expensive asset classes. Prudential was one of the first investment companies to offer TAA as a stand-alone service, both in the UK and in South Africa and as a result we have one of the most experienced asset allocation teams worldwide.

We put our clients first

Our clients are at the heart of our business and we're committed to providing the highest standards of client service. We've not only invested in great people, but state-of-the-art systems too, which enable our experienced in-house team to deliver on all our client queries and transactional support. Our clients can also contact us in a manner that suits them, be it on the phone, our website, email or even via one of our social media portals.

You benefit from Prudential affiliates' international expertise and resources

Being part of such a successful global company as M&G plc gives us access to some of the best worldwide resources and investment expertise to help our clients achieve their investment objectives. The group's large scale and financial strength also offer significant benefits that many other South African asset managers can't match.