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Product Range Overview

Our products take advantage of our core skills and are designed to meet the specific requirements of investors. We apply our prudent valuation-based investment philosophy and process to all our products, ensuring that all our investors benefit from our investment team’s insights. In South Africa, we have proven, dedicated and skilled teams managing funds in the below key areas:

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Our equity offerings are managed in accordance with a consistent process using fundamental valuation techniques underpinned by a team-based research process. This has remained materially unchanged for over 25 years and continues to deliver exceptional long-term performance results.

Our House View (Core) Equity offering reflects our “best investment view” and is ideally suited as a core holding for retirement funds or multi-managed products, where an active portfolio is used as an anchor component and matched with other satellite mandates.

We also manage various bespoke equity portfolios, including those with higher risk-budgets, non-standard benchmarks (i.e. different to the Capped SWIX Index, our standard equity benchmark) and other mandate specific restrictions. Additionally, we also manage sector-specific mandates (e.g. Resources) and African equity portfolios.

Our primary SA equity offerings are:


Other Equity Offerings:
For more information on our other equity offerings, which includes sector-specific mandates and African equity mandates, please contact us for more information.


Our Balanced Funds take advantage of our expertise in asset allocation, both strategic (long-term) and tactical (short-term). The objective of our Balanced Funds is to outperform our comparable peers, typically defined as performance above the median return of appropriate industry surveys. We also manage Balanced Funds according to client-specific bespoke benchmarks.

These funds have been established as leading funds in the South African market, with superb long-term track records. Combining our key areas of skill with access to international resources contribute to consistent top-quartile performance as measured against our peers.

Our primary Balanced offerings are:


Real Return

Real Return Funds are managed specifically to achieve a return in excess of inflation (CPI), usually over a rolling three-year period. Prudential manages these multi-asset mandates with the dual objective of:

  • Out-performing the specific inflation benchmark over a rolling 3 year period
  • Preserving capital by ensuring no capital loss over a 12-month period

We manage mandates for clients with objectives ranging from CPI+3% to CPI+7%:

Listed Property

Enhanced SA Property Tracker

We believe the ability of asset managers to out-perform, or even match, the property index is very small. This is due to the concentrated and homogenous nature of the listed property sector. We therefore believe that our enhanced indexation approach based on our prudent valuation-based investment philosophy provides cost-effective exposure to listed property and an optimal trade-off between outperformance and risk.

View our SA Listed Property offering.

Fixed Income

We have global expertise and experience managing a broad range of Fixed Income funds. These funds invest in various fixed income securities across different maturities, depending on the client’s specific risk and return requirements.

Our product range includes Money Market mandates, Enhanced Income mandates, Inflation-linked Bond mandates, Government Bond mandates and High Yield Bond mandates.

Contact us for a full list of our Fixed Income offerings.


Prudential South Africa offers investors global exposure through Prudential Global Funds - a range of four Irish-domiciled US dollar-denominated global funds that combine the best of local client knowledge and offshore investment expertise.

The Prudential Global Funds range was been launched with the aim of bringing our South African clients an optimised offshore investing solution, in partnership with M&G Investment Managers (UK), our London-based parent company within the M&G plc group. M&G Investments is one of the UK’s largest and longest-established investment houses that manages over £341 billion worth of assets across fixed income, equities, multi-asset strategies and real estate, supported by over 350 investment professionals.


Tactical Asset Allocation

Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) is the intentional deviation away from a Fund’s long- term strategic asset allocation benchmark, in order to benefit from the periodic mispricing opportunities at asset class level.

The TAA manager aims to add value at total fund level by implementing overweight positions in cheap asset classes and underweight positions in expensive asset classes, as dictated by our valuation-based process.

We operate several TAA ‘overlay’ mandates where we aim to add value at total Fund level by exploiting asset class mispricing through the use of futures instruments to buy or sell asset-class indices.

Prudential was one of the first investment companies to offer TAA as a stand-alone service, both in the UK and in South Africa, and as a result Prudential has one of the most experienced asset allocation teams worldwide.

This offering is only available on a segregated basis; please contact us for further information.