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Retirement Calculator

Follow these 9 simple steps to determine whether you’ll be able to retire with the income you desire and for the number of years you need. Once you’ve seen your initial results, you can edit all the fields to determine what adjustments you may need to make if there’s a shortfall.

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At what age would you like to start saving for retirement?

(The earlier the better! This could be your current age, or you may have already been saving for some years. If so, enter that age.)

At what age would you like to retire?

(In South Africa, the compulsory retirement age is 65, unless you own your own business in which case you can work for as long as you like)

How long do you think you will be in retirement?

(No one likes to think about death, but typically people plan for at least 20 years in retirement, especially with the strides in modern medicine.)

What is your salary when you start investing for retirement?

(This could be your current salary, or you may have already been saving for some years. If so, enter that starting salary.)

What percentage of your salary would you like to make towards your retirement investment?

Typically, this number has been between 10%-15%, but we are now allowed to go to 27.5% of pre-tax income - the percentage can vary based on the stage of your life as well as your current lifestyle commitments.

How much have you already saved towards your retirement?

Replacement Ratio?

What percentage of your salary before retirement would you like to earn in retirement? Typically this number could be lower than your last salary, as once you are in retirement, you may have less expenses.

What amount would you like to withdraw from your investment at the time of retirement?

(You are able to withdraw up to one-third in cash. A portion or the full withdrawal could be tax-free depending on the legislation)

Real return?

What percentage of annual growth do you expect from your investments above inflation? Typically, it’s between 4%-6%, but can be higher or lower depending on your underlying fund.

Investment age

Retirement age

Time in retirement (Years)

Starting Salary

Monthly retirement saving from your salary (%)

Current investment value

Projected inflation rate (%)

Real return (%)

Replacement ratio (%)

1/3 in cash

  • The values used in our tools are determined using projections based on current assumptions about uncertain future outcomes. These assumptions were determined considering the historic relationship between varying factors. The actual future values will depend on the actual amounts that you invest and the associated investment performance, fees and taxes of your selected underlying portfolios. These calculators are provided as a guide and illustration. Prudential Investment Managers (SA) Pty Ltd. will not be held responsible for your reliance on these calculators for your financial planning. We recommend that you speak to a financial adviser and review your retirement plan regularly to ensure you meet your goals.
  • The following assumptions are used in this calculation:
  • 6% Increase in contributions
  • 10% Investment return (including inflation)
  • 6% Increase in post-retirement income return
  • 6% Inflation